Friday, September 18, 2009

No, But if So Simple

She'll tell you a tale
of sorrow and woes
and stand to unveil
more wallowing she knows
of truth, and love,
and glorious thoughts,
inside a heart and mind so tough
to find many traits
are often sought

She tells of the past
of it's great many memories
to remove current guilt cast
upon herself to wonder
"can I be?"
in a happier world
if only it was me

Alone and pieced more shattered
than the outside
so self-bitterly battered
When she says and talks aloud
the words float away
without taking sound

Sharing with other unchanged, askew
to wallow in unmistakable woes
cover everything, to hide,
carry on to suffice
everyone's picture of her
in her own view

making not a stir in her story
but telling herself to be pleased
and laugh when urged

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