Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Me

Is within me
My habits die hard
Because they don’t breathe

My habits tell stories
That don’t match my smile
My stories keep on churning
Unmatched with old guile

Simple words and moments
And the faces they match
Spring up like a fountain for
Memories your ears catch

The old me is not new
Buried deep in there
Back being guarded always
With no habits to care

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Day

The day the day
how it gathered
as it went

I was halfway crass
and cruel in my tone
Something escapes me
or something has gone

I miss my old me
most times
When I didn't have time
to wallow in remembering
to keep it all

Each sharing of words is
like a glue
it keeps my face
on just straight
Staying awake in
everyday life

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fine Time

Some of the time
it's a movie reel I've seen
To remember the moving
pictures in the moments
I can compare the feel

Of the yesteryear and
glimpses of today for
the tomorrow I hope to have
So my future-self can
reminisce in every memory

The actors in the movies all
play their parts
well just like these
in my life

Much of it is taken in that
way props decorated convey
The dirty corner
that catches
my eye
stands for many things-
neglected, unkempt,
in need of expertise

Some actors feel
they fit them
finely and free

Just as the loneliness washes
over so slowly
the silent screaming
is there

We're all trained in reaction-
with a smile on my face

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh Mister

Mister Possibilities
You always come to
haunt me
I follow you so easily
down a rabbit hole
or two
But whatever dreams
may bring is all I see
Any inkling of feelings
hold me in your second

Oh Mister Possibilities
You are what you
seem to be
Achieve a glimmer of
hope in my own
What once was
could never again be
And even what once
never fruited anything
Still haunts me

Oh Mister Possibilities
you always send me
To visit a past moment
stuck in vivid memories
But what I remember
is not at all
the reality

Because Mister Possibilities
you have only
let downs
for me
Hell, then, because of what
was said
What is daunting me is
just a mirage
gone in a second I see

Mister Possibilities
you bring me dreams
I unwillingly follow
And end up in misery

Mister Possibilities
Don't bring me a treat
Don't give me a scene
Just leave me be
in day's normal routine