Friday, November 20, 2009

Night Dreams

Unknown moments sit scary
Or lie seen as possibility
Which endlessly cause me weary

Creeping around happy corners
Forewarning sharp deathly borders

Rake away old and decayed dead
And replace with harsh plastic beds
Flowers, and people with hopes and doubt
Letting daylight in to carry you out

Smiles uplift your exterior
Solidify your wants over needs
To sacrifice what the truth bleeds

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For There

There is something there
that we are connected
forever seems a long time
in a life past me directed

You have my heart there
whether you hold it or
carry on for your release
presently or in memory of me

So many instances there
make life far complicated
I as your partner here
and your confidant near

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Somehow dreams are stalking
My reality in waking and walking
Above ground around earth
But with shady apprehension first

Somehow held by an invisible hand
Not stirring of a godly strand
But instead a wavering question
Without a future for worry to rest in

Somehow days are welcome here
With the pause of a quiet night's fear
Asleep in parallel self-tension
For keeping the lonely heart restless



Look at me!

Touch my locks of hair
Help me catch my knees
Your willingness to appreciate
My importance is noticed

No more than patience is paid
So you hold my hand in made
Excuse yourself for me
Choose your conversations
Exquisite and carefully

Be careful not to bore
I am a muse
That's what I'm here for


Holding hands with confusion
While minutes consume seconds,
and laughter leaves us gripping from
our internal expectations bending.

To know the entire world
with its truths is deadly,
and takes complete calm
away from us entirely.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Away

Barely you say
you recognize me
but a stranger I am not
in this familiar way

The past counting in
as a presence right here
shared and connected issues
discussed in fact have been

Voicing the silence
you talk in still circles
convincing yourself perhaps
in day to day common sense

Hoping that you learn
previous happy occurrences
are rare in memory moments
and leaves are quick to turn

Monday, November 9, 2009

In November

In November the skies
have the clearing
and the nights
have the bright stars
but while we are sitting
in silence and conceding
truly what lies
quietly missing
the end of the year
with the world spinning
keeps going forward
without too much time
to remember the motions
that carried you here
to this time like waves
of rustling and twirling
and absolutely learning.