Friday, July 9, 2010

But Instead

Unlike the flower
I am not to be just watered down
Or spoken softly in whispers to
But instead earth-shaken around

The parts cannot be gathered
In your baskets of curiousness
Or misunderstanding good willing
But instead scooped up wholly with briskness

Like a light breeze your words
They gather no speed, no meaning
Or stop days in their hours of tasking
But instead disappear invisible to see

And mine, all sections and worries
Carry not an ounce of willful discerning
Or fathom the deep abysmal hind stories
But instead keep me internally yearning

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take a Sigh

Silence is golden
And riptides in warfare
Smug in my face
Scream at me to scare

I can't tell you the rules
I can't show you my ways
You would crumble worse
Decisions far greater to sway

No good to bottle it up
But be carried away sorting
Vastness engulfing
My ability to breathe floating

Take a sigh a knee a moment
To clear open a pathway
Come home to see easiness
Just to live for today