Thursday, August 20, 2009

second of the 6th

Sleep stirred so
the mountain ranges crumbled
into the rumbling sea

A loved bird set free
set loose to not yet return
on purpose

But actions in rapid effect
each have a purpose
purportedly to neglect

So winds they wavered
and the ground, it swallowed
everything possibly dreamed

The bird lost forever
without a will to survive
carried with it all enjoyed

Friday, August 14, 2009

you found

you found my funny bone
and tickled it home
you found my favorite wish
and its silly twist
you found my heart strings
upon which love wings
you found me and I found you
before we actually knew
our love was true

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I heard the footsteps
before the snarl
the angry thing
it grabbed me
and threw me far

Frozen like tepid crystal
I heard it crack
before the shattering
and the fall back

Today is the day
I died on the inside
the sun actually bright
with no place to hide

Picked up my own pieces
but used no glue
nothing too sticky
faith will see me through

Faith in love?
you ask with a laugh
and somehow it was
never a question

At least from my side
of the rickety bridge
that holds us here
for quite a ride

the thing it sways
and will unhinge

But you hold tight
until you can't anymore
the angry thing
awaits the gore

You shatter
scattering mess
No will no more

Monday, August 10, 2009


so weak
so weak
that I can barely speak
words bursting
at twilight's peak

2:35am creeps so slow
who knew the beast
would bite me so
that there's tears
that rolling appear

my heart breaks
by my fault
why ask the why
from the fallout

heartstrings attached
and strung about
not so intertwined
as what you once thought

smug and brash
so independent
inpatient temperament
world against me
you see

crumble pieces mine
all glued and held
together, not touching
the weight unbarring

the weakness shows true
and bashful
makes for you
belittled by myself
and no one else
take the broken moment