Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The worry you wore
is no bother I bore
yet carried away
in no heart sway
say too much
for me is never enough
your bother I swore
would not bother me more
yet all you gave
which none I saved
and hardened my core
imagine it soar
past your eyes blindly
avoid putting it lightly
the world it tumbles
at my feet it crumbles
when sympathy cries
love stops its tries
my attitude you tore
you shut the door
while into pillow I scream
eccentric from my dream
you hold nothing not here
ignorant wordings appear
drop me and roll ignore
flush cheeks a chore

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Flattery is a coercion
that speaks in volume
the best way to
grab some attention
while some gobble it up
dare we say
eat with the
large silver spoon

Giggle in gaggles
grouping with secrets
out loud or unspoken
secrets don't make
friends he tells me
while laughing and hiding
all the pieces broken

People watching is a sport
we'd like to take part
but already here we are
enthused and attempting
to outwit any sly foxes
who creep in the side door

Keep your eye on that
worthy hidden prize
and don't move too fast
without watching your step
somehow it could all be
time to game or
lose your bets

Always smile
nod a nod
wink your wink
even if no one is looking
it was something you shared

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brings showers

The spears they attack
out of nowhere in the quiet
while lying my head down
in the roughage of night

The amazement at speed
and cunning skill set
twirling and hurling
to make sense of it all

The thoughts from thinking
beware myself taking
steps backward and away
watching in third person

The world goes on even
when you're not included
because your head isn't straight
and have heard it all before

Baby, I'll make you a star
You're everything I need
You're going places
You bring me everything

All lies fake and repeated.

Because it's not a star
in the making but something
so confounded and screwed up
barely held together

The people don't see
what's really there though
they know no one's all right
just good in the head

The crowds lined up
on the other side
but your sympathy isn't wanted
is it yours or my time

April kills my soul
with the name
with the memories
with the date
with the heartbreak
with the last breath
with the guilt
and clockwatching

With the next few steps
next new people
few conversations between
but meaningful at least

The next month brings
the hope all over again
and always forever will
replenish faith in life

The beauty of it all
after the showers leave
the freshness of mind
will take on and succeed

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bite my tongue

Don't sing me your song
your lovely words
that write so much

Don't fall in love
your arms can't
hold this worth

Don't temper your anger
and keep the truth
away from my ears

There is no other
that will ever be
in the same heart space
the same height

The pedestal you seek
is unreachable
so invisible to
the naked eyes

The confirmation that
is needed for me
exists mostly in
your conversation

Not the attention
or blind ambiguity
tears never run
but they bite my tongue

Don't seek for what
is definitely denied
which is unattainable
and unattractable

Don't tell me because
it can't touch or take
Because the determined
defeat is not light

Monday, April 13, 2009

idea of times

Wasting time which belongs
to neither you nor me
but we take and own it
to regard its complexity

How is that you can waste
one person's time- that
they took it and named it
to use it without combat

Time is such an extreme
currency in day or night
one clock one watching
with feeling of contrite

Daily basis collecting
to distribute whats yours
to never take back
but giving seems sore

Easy to watch
patiently to wait
spirits to break
an easy fate

it can be wasted
it can be stolen
it can be taken
it can be spent
it can be given
it can be watched
it can be used
it can never be given back
or really saved

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well Enough

Ponder to see me
through the thick
and the thins
holding my hand
while kicking my shins

Love can only be
true for lasting
forever and longer
than you doubted
its will is stronger

To laugh and be
merry is happiness
saved up as gifts
to open during the
moments without rifts

Without the bad
the good cannot live
one must be known
well enough to enjoy
as well as to give

Friday, April 3, 2009


Get your go-go- flow
See you workin' it so
Gracious and good
Puts in you in a mood

Make that money
And go kiss your honey
With the same lips
Same timing hips

Don't take a hint
He'll bribe you with a glint
Of shiny objects like metal
Feel warm enough to settle

But it's the age
And that flash of rage
That linger with time
Getcha good and getcha mine