Thursday, April 23, 2009


Flattery is a coercion
that speaks in volume
the best way to
grab some attention
while some gobble it up
dare we say
eat with the
large silver spoon

Giggle in gaggles
grouping with secrets
out loud or unspoken
secrets don't make
friends he tells me
while laughing and hiding
all the pieces broken

People watching is a sport
we'd like to take part
but already here we are
enthused and attempting
to outwit any sly foxes
who creep in the side door

Keep your eye on that
worthy hidden prize
and don't move too fast
without watching your step
somehow it could all be
time to game or
lose your bets

Always smile
nod a nod
wink your wink
even if no one is looking
it was something you shared

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