Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brings showers

The spears they attack
out of nowhere in the quiet
while lying my head down
in the roughage of night

The amazement at speed
and cunning skill set
twirling and hurling
to make sense of it all

The thoughts from thinking
beware myself taking
steps backward and away
watching in third person

The world goes on even
when you're not included
because your head isn't straight
and have heard it all before

Baby, I'll make you a star
You're everything I need
You're going places
You bring me everything

All lies fake and repeated.

Because it's not a star
in the making but something
so confounded and screwed up
barely held together

The people don't see
what's really there though
they know no one's all right
just good in the head

The crowds lined up
on the other side
but your sympathy isn't wanted
is it yours or my time

April kills my soul
with the name
with the memories
with the date
with the heartbreak
with the last breath
with the guilt
and clockwatching

With the next few steps
next new people
few conversations between
but meaningful at least

The next month brings
the hope all over again
and always forever will
replenish faith in life

The beauty of it all
after the showers leave
the freshness of mind
will take on and succeed

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