Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carted Jem

There is no misunderstanding
Of the words that swirl around
My ears burn with remembering
And pause here with daily escaping

The paperback edition still lies
There where I see it daily so often
Waiting for me to complete the end words
Afraid the last pages might unravel

Something I would carry possibly as
E.E. C. did as the sky of the sky flows
Something so large and above words
With a simplicity completely its own

Okay to be an unknown in a full day
To have your smile in rabid thoughts
All your own sneaking a quiet gander
A gilded muse with hidden wings behind

Friday, August 27, 2010


there is a seething
in your seeing
underneath and buried deep
crawling inwards
and under my skin
bringing consumed within

Friday, July 9, 2010

But Instead

Unlike the flower
I am not to be just watered down
Or spoken softly in whispers to
But instead earth-shaken around

The parts cannot be gathered
In your baskets of curiousness
Or misunderstanding good willing
But instead scooped up wholly with briskness

Like a light breeze your words
They gather no speed, no meaning
Or stop days in their hours of tasking
But instead disappear invisible to see

And mine, all sections and worries
Carry not an ounce of willful discerning
Or fathom the deep abysmal hind stories
But instead keep me internally yearning

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take a Sigh

Silence is golden
And riptides in warfare
Smug in my face
Scream at me to scare

I can't tell you the rules
I can't show you my ways
You would crumble worse
Decisions far greater to sway

No good to bottle it up
But be carried away sorting
Vastness engulfing
My ability to breathe floating

Take a sigh a knee a moment
To clear open a pathway
Come home to see easiness
Just to live for today

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brim of Summer

‘Tis the summer time
And I get so hungry
The thirst just kills me
Bring me back to the light side

Bask my face and my heart
In the sun rays around
Warming me from the outside
Reaching in slowly to start

The summering activity
Becomes mouth-watering
In imagination, day-dreaming
I’m taking it all, give it to me

Instead of burning both ends
Of the candle-stick daily
Fill my hands up and fully
And spill over my brim intensely

Friday, April 23, 2010


Never before have I asked
as now I plead your behest
My wish for you to take me
away and above my reality

Never before have I wished
to be rescued from every day
My mind is open to life
outside it's own troubles find

Never before have I doubted
the security of intentions
My negative feelings have
nothing to do with my emotions

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hidden Face

Curb me, turn me
Shake me up and down
Motivate out the sea
Rushing toward hard land
Unleashing inner beauty
In all inglorious flurry
See what you can
Take what you must
To carry on the stand
Giving off heavy sternness
Radiating clever heat
All to only burn us
The eye for an eye
Is twisted for wishing

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When things fall down
And you feel so paused
Your breath is heard
Down so low
Slowed down so much

Disconnect devices
That straddled you in
Unplug from treachery
False pretenses
Fake faces fade away

Laugh with me now
Laughing so hard
Just to feel your heart
Beating away
Reminding you that
Forcing life is to stay

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep that Heavy

This new year
With a new outlook
Not a new you too
To carry it out
With a new view

Keeping that heavy
Past in your pocket
Weigh down the day
Don’t throw it out
Echo words you say

Become fearless
Don’t kill yourself quietly
Find a new reason
To fall out of bed
And into your life safely

Monday, February 1, 2010


Lost me
So losing inner selves
Inner demons
Demonstrating loves
Eat me up
But leave the crumbs

Heart hurts
Aches in melody
Growing daily
Pangs for hunger
Of living lives
Exhaust my ability

Fierce fighting
Shh, dragon’s coming
Both that and kitten-like
Squander both extremes
Never know it
How to live in the betweens

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lonely Lie

Dancing on fingertips
Lingering in sighs enveloped
In moments of possibility
Quiet slow attempts

Create love to your mind
Take a hold of comfort
Carry hearts securely
Enrapture this time

By yourself
Finding what’s lost
Without losing more
Believe me within lies

Monday, January 25, 2010

Submerge Me

Come to me
Hold me just slightly
Seem comforting
Some days darken with dreary
Thoughts and emotions unclearly

Lift up your lightness
Liven up my intuition
Keepsake saved for such the occasion
To get my fullness out of the rotation

Kind words delicately sprinkle atop
To sugar and sweeten the heavy props
In mood, self-awareness swallow me up
Looking for a hint of rescue attempts

Just lost in a forest of wicked mirrors
Myself entangled in my mind’s rear view
Closed door on a future, say goodbye
Roughing waters, so submerge me, daily

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the Gleam

The song that's always there
"and so it you..."
Reality always gives a great doubt

Living in a dream world
half-asleep, mentality torn
while wishing or hoping
both useless in past scope

When something light gets
so serious, dark, and deep
then meaningful

Those moments of slight
sadness speak seemingly full
and last longer than ever remembered

From rooftops staring as
the skies swallow much larger
than all the whys in the head
all the more vocabulary stricken

Some serious people pretend
so light in the heart
because they know the gleam
in the eye of an attachment

Not afraid of too much-
being said to echo and jumble around
clever words, false and real pretenses
of what myself has learned
and attempted to stay away from
to visit only in memory's imagery

Jealousy so ugly
sadness stays so heavy
without shaking it all off
to pretend enough
and digress away, away, away