Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Original Quiet

nothing like a quiet day
nothing like glorious thoughts
pondering on the inside
debating plans to be sought

rain hits the window
or rather the windshield today
turning off the radio
to listen without saying

sometimes sitting at the desk
and staring into space
is exactly needed
with nothing to go chase

no calls, no messages
no screentime or static
without the artificial noise
without talk, without it

sigh a deep breath
held heavy in hearts
no complaints or critiques
just original quiet in parts

Monday, March 30, 2009

And Still. . .

Breathe me and teach me
not to pry behind
glossy eyes
balancing across several fake paces
throwing weight on baring shoulders
sharing dropping molders
Try to clasp together the hands
holding my affectations (not affections)
sanding layers losing grasp
behind demands
so misunderstanding fixations
hide beneath

Friday, March 27, 2009

But Then, She Says

take me and toss me
beyond the fire
over the stream
heavy hands
outweigh light beams
shine towards seeing

me here taking
all the world in
all the souls to
celebrate for selfish
means you
your heart making do
accepting the flight
canary girl missed

captivate theories
of an empty cage
of smarts and stories
just throw me
with all the might
before time disappears
into light and
so we wake

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never Am I

Never am I gonna be what you want me to be.

I don't grow into your ideals even speaking figuratively.

How I think and what I do is all up to me.

Being thoughtful and selfish is not what you want to see.

Not interested in my mind, but what you think only.

Yet I'm not taken seriously and maybe I secretly hate me.

Placed in a box of 'shoulds' and 'supposed to bes'

I walker furthur away from that person diffucultly.

Because never am I gonna be what you want me to be.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

About the Question

give me some attention
but don't ask me for my time
see that my ears are listening
and advice will never lie
wait for some approval
wait to be understood
bickering makes you feel human
like being happy never could
share those inner demons
but never let them live
keep those secrets hidden
bottle them and don't give
tell me what you'd do for me
but don't expect the same
in some 30 seconds or less
just leave the way you came
wait to feel the realness
wait for some big flaw
talking makes you feel special
the heart you never saw
but such a big act begins
for storytime again
so in every silver lining
there is a hell bent.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spark It

infatuation can grow like a seed in a pot

watered by the genuine curiousity given

don't lose that specialness you sought

continue to fertilize with feelings driven

remember to always note tiny things

they stand so small and mean so much

different from what outside faces seem

the seeds of the plant can be lost

floating away without your touch

segueway into something new

like this can blossom yet not forgetting

untouchable from which it grew

counting it all in your settling

this happening occurs many times

growing tired of novelty eyes

Monday, March 23, 2009

That She-Devil

She stays under your skin,
her charm always
always slips right in

She might eat u alive
but always with a smile
dining in style
with aggravated guile

Call her and want her
beg her and bed her
she wants it all
no price is so small

she'll laugh and carry on
just believe her beyond
the doe eyes, porcelain skin
small frame that sins

this girl she haunts not just me
but she is adept cynically
and critically
the idea of her taunts me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Broken for the Money

Slamming the drink down
splashing out of the glass
Yelling at the phone
speak your wordy trash

being that angry annoyed
words mean nothing
and everything...yet
sentiments are not coy

fighting and arguing
screaming in my head
something has to break
which will never be her

tough love is crap shoot
all the bullshit deterred
nothing but passion
and sizzling resent

is an instant switch on
and less to be hellbent
but that glass did break
and we did vent

too bad that fiery -
but justified outburst
did a good take.

Quiet Girl

She said she liked

The pictures of cheese
And the love story
Show in photographic ease

Shy on the outside
Intense on the insides
Words calculated carefully
And never confides

Like a delicate flower
But bristly in honesty
She doesn’t know her power
Hidden in her proximity

Mysterious and just
A little illusive to speak of
But she’s very aware
Of her surroundings enough

Her mind’s made up
On anything she’s read
And everything you say
She’ll discuss with interest instead