Thursday, January 21, 2010

the Gleam

The song that's always there
"and so it you..."
Reality always gives a great doubt

Living in a dream world
half-asleep, mentality torn
while wishing or hoping
both useless in past scope

When something light gets
so serious, dark, and deep
then meaningful

Those moments of slight
sadness speak seemingly full
and last longer than ever remembered

From rooftops staring as
the skies swallow much larger
than all the whys in the head
all the more vocabulary stricken

Some serious people pretend
so light in the heart
because they know the gleam
in the eye of an attachment

Not afraid of too much-
being said to echo and jumble around
clever words, false and real pretenses
of what myself has learned
and attempted to stay away from
to visit only in memory's imagery

Jealousy so ugly
sadness stays so heavy
without shaking it all off
to pretend enough
and digress away, away, away

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