Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melancholy Baby

When the numbness creeps in
we're unsuspecting sitting victims
because it attacks so slightly
ravaging quiet hours we see
everything we can't hold onto
everything trustworthy moves

Filled picture frames
and writing games
the lists of wants
always outweigh everything
placed all together
your doubts consume
my time in my life with you

Pity spits in the faces
of self loathing creations
just smile and carry on
with the daily grind
because recognizing
what you won't find
will come at such a late time
to act when what you
didn't realize this all was amiss

Melancholy baby
with sugar-free shine
don't mind it, don't take the time
enriching the way we like to
say hello
play favorite
for all of my trying

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