Monday, June 1, 2009

She knows it

You can't keep your feet
on the ground
you can't keep your heart
on your sleeve

But you run amuck in the streets
you stopped carrying my heart
and your soul didn't stop
or pause to hear love leave

What did we all think of this nonsensical banter?
What does 'or for worse' really stand for?

I held that door open for you
even after you broke the handle
even after it got so dirty to see through
even after the hinges dismantled

Small moments I attempted
not in emptiness
but such a waste it became
when nothing was returned the same

So we sit in silence
the midnight hour approach
and came and went again
but now more broken

None of us are perfect
but heaviness of life and light
make us stop being imperfect
and try with all we have

or at least, it should.
But where are you going?

What you need is not me
clearer than everyone we know sees
I don't carry your heart
She knows it
You see it
and barely want to believe it

But me, I don't know how many
times it takes before being broken
again and again before nothing
is left for even me

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