Thursday, June 11, 2009

Funny How

Funny how heart sadness
Can convince the rest of you
You're out to get madness
From feet to hands and in between
The small spaces filling up
Achy and sore in the face so mean

Funny how a bit of drowning
Can make you grasp the air above
Both hands outstretched in mourning
Your senses lost completely
Filled with numbness and fake smiles
Every face is utterly blurry

Funny how a bit of silent suffering
Can cause everything to slip away
People talking around is just buffering
Truth and hurt in great leaps abound
I pray jump over me today again
Because the strength losing is not found

Funny how the lying and heavy honesty
Can chip away all your faith in this life
But only your hands physically do break me
One leads to another and a backstory so pale
Which all gets read and reread mentally
The steps traced here to unsteady the fail

Funny how a wee bit of hope here
Can open your eyes and give a breathy sigh
Hold my hands and my heart in your palms near
Kindness only kills if you do it to hurt me
Because with the one chance its taking all
The smiling and love energy within to even be me

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